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Lighting & Irrigation


Lighting increases the value of any home or landscape design by adding beauty, safety and security. Without light, we would not be able to see the world in which we live. Light is essential both indoors and out. It can be practical and makes us feel safer. The ambience that light brings is important to many people. We can create any desired effect from subtle to dramatic. Whether you want to illuminate paths, driveways, shrubs, trees or ornaments, we can help you make the right decisions.


We would be glad to answer your questions about Lighting and Irrigation. We can also provide an on-site visit for your property.

Irrigation Design, Installation & Service

Some of the most beautiful lawns and gardens utilize timed irrigation. In times severe drought as seen in the season of 2012 your plant material to survive and thrive protecting your investment and beautifying your property. Our irrigation team can provide you with the technical requirements and expertise to guarantee a successful project.


We strive for three main objectives when designing an irrigation system:

  • To deliver H20 to the plants and/or lawns in the most effective manner
  • To supply adequate H20 i.e.: the right amount of water at the right time
  • To design a system that will meet the needs of your property for years to come
Spring Start-Up Fall Blow Out
  • Complete start-up of the system making sure all components are working properly
  • Calibration of the controller
  • Shut down of the entire system
  • Blow out of all the lines to ensure all water is out of the system

Monthly maintenance visits are performed throughout the growing season to ensure optimal performance of the system and to ensure the protection of your investment.

We’ll be glad to answer your questions and assist you in getting started. Please contact Kevin –

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